Friday, July 10, 2015

Wallet Card in July

The Apes' star took a trip to Smith's Ballpark in Salt Lake City to watch the Salt Lake City Bees (Angels) take on the El Paso Chihuahuas (Padres). It's been several years since I've been able to attend a minor league game, but since I'm moving to the area I should be able to attend more.

A few observations:

* The little league players  must have really gotten a kick out of taking the field before the game. I would have given a few toes to be able to do that when I was that age.
* I wonder if players change their walk up music when they get in a slump. Former Giant Gary Brown had a Taylor Swift song and was batting .207. He went 0 for 2 but he had a sac fly and made a game-saving catch in the eighth inning.
* It was strange not seeing beer sold at the game, but the crowd (about 6000) was more pleasant.
* The card is showing some wear after being in my wallet for over six months, but it's still in one piece.

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