Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanks Baseball Dad!

One day last week some good things came in the mail. Baseball Dad sent me some 2010 Topps Heritage off of my recent Giants want list:

He also sent some other Giants goodies (Topps Opening Day, Allen & Ginter, Upper Deck).

Alas, the other thing in the mailbox was:

Yes--I've been summoned to jury duty. The last time I was summoned (about 2-3 years ago) I was excused since they had enough people for a jury pool before they got around to me. I've never served on a jury before -- the other times I've been summoned were when I was out of town taking summer classes or when I had some health problems and couldn't make it. We'll see how this goes. It's a bit of a drive for me to get down there. :)

Thanks again Baseball Dad!

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Glad you liked the cards! Too bad about the jury duty.Maybe they won't need you again! Knock on wood...knock...knock...knock. I've never had to serve in 59 1/2 years!