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Saturday, February 6, 2010

1983 Topps Giants - Part 2 (infielders)

Joe Morgan (#603) didn't play for the Giants in 1983. He and Al Holland were traded to the Philadelphia Phillies after the '82 season for Mark Davis, Mike Krukow, and a minor leaguer.
Joe Pettini (#143) batted .186 in 86 at bats in 1983. It was his last season in the majors. Joe played three more years in AAA before becoming a coach and minor league manager after the 1986 season.
Reggie Smith (#282) didn't play for the Giants in 1983. He played in Japan in 1983 and 1984. He played well in a part-time role  but had to deal with a lot of racially-fueled nonsense and retired after the 1984 season.
Johnnie LeMaster (#154) batted .240 in 141 games as the starting shortstop.
Tom O'Malley (#663) batted .259 with 5 HR and 40 RBI in 135 games as the starting third baseman.
Guy Sularz (#379) batted .100 in 20 at bats in 1983. He batted .316 in 134 games for AAA Phoenix in '83. This was his last season in the majors. After one more season in Phoenix, Sularz was released and hung 'em up.
Duane Kuiper (#767) batted .250 in 72 games as he shared time at second base with Brad Wellman.
Darrell Evans (#448) batted .277 with 30 home runs and 82 RBI. He played 113 games at first base, 32 at third base, and 9 games at shortstop. Evans was an NL All Star and was 0 for 1 in the game.

Others who played in the infield for the Giants but didn't get a 1983 Topps Giants card:

  • Brad Wellman (2B) batted .214 in 82 games.
  • Chris Smith (UT) batted .328 in 67 at bats.
  • Mike Vail (UT) batted .154 in 26 at bats.
  • Rich  Murray (1B) batted .200 in 10 at bats.
  • Wallace Johnson (2B) batted .125 in 8 at bats

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gcrl said...

as much as i hated to see reggie go to the giants, i really like that card, with rookie ryne sandberg lurking.