Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Monday, September 20, 2010

1968 Topps Giants - part 2 (infielders)

# 290 Willie McCovey
  • Willie McCovey was the Giants' offensive leader in 1968. He led the club in most of the offensive categories.
  • McCovey batted .293 with 36 HR and 105 RBI in 1968

#436 Hal Lanier
  • What was with the Giants and offensively-challenged shortstops? It looks like Hal Lanier was the 1960s version of Johnnie LeMaster.
  • Lanier batted .206 in 151 games. He had a .222 on base percentage and a .239 slugging percentage

#126 Bobby Etheridge
  • Bobby Etheridge didn't play for the Giants in 1968
  • Bobby batted .278 in 113 games for AAA Phoenix in 1968. 
  • Etheridge spent most of his career (1964-1973) in the minors. He played 40 games for the Giants in 1967 and 56 games in 1969. That was it for his major league career.

#525 Jim Davenport
  • Jim Davenport batted .224 in 113 games
  • Davenport mostly played 3B (82 games) but also played in 17 games at  SS and one game at 2B.

#73 Jim Hart

  • Jim Hart split time between third base and left field in 1968.
  • Hart batted .258 with 23 HR and 78 RBI in 136 games.

Others who played infield for the Giants but who didn't get 1968 Topps cards:
  • Ron Hunt started at second base and batted .250 in 148 games. He led the NL in times hit by a pitch (25) and had a .371 on base percentage.
  • Frank Johnson batted .190 in 67 games. He played  most of his games at third base and also filled in at 2B, SS, and in the outfield.
  • Nate Oliver batted .178 in 36 games as a utility infielder.
  • Bob Schroeder batted .159 in 35 games as a utility infielder.
  • Don Mason batted .158 in 10 games.

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Jim from Downingtown said...

Ron Hunt and Nate Oliver had cards in 1968, but they were shown as Dodgers.

I'm surprised to learn that Tito Fuentes didn't have a card in 1968 or 1969.