Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Card Tribute: Juan Marichal

The Hall of Famer had a long and successful career with the Giants. The Dominican Dandy was overshadowed by Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson, but he was one of the greats. This card tribute covers Juan's entire career (except for a traded card in 1974). Marichal was traded from the Giants after the 1973 season. His 1974 Topps card was a Giants' card and he got a traded card at the end of the year. Topps didn't print a card of Marichal in 1975 (he finished up with the hated Dodgers).
1961 Topps #417

1962 Topps #505

1963 Topps #440
1964 Topps #280
1965 Topps #50
1966 Topps #420
1967 Topps #500
1968 Topps #205
1969 Topps #370
1970 Topps #210
1971 Topps #325
1972 Topps #567
1973 Topps #480
1974 Topps #330

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Fuji said...

1974 card gets my vote... that picture is awesome!

Jeremy said...

The 1973 set is so weird sometimes. It has such promise, but some of the cards just don't look right. If that card was centered a little better it would be awesome. I'm going with the 1974 card because of the wide up action shot.