Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Monday, January 17, 2011

1977 Topps Stickers

  • I haven't posted on this blog in a few months. I'll be posting a few trades and pickups in the next few days. Sorry it took a while to get to the posts!
  • I was going through the commons bin at  my favorite baseball card score (Batter's Box in Phoenix, AZ) and managed to find both of the Giants that were included in the 1977 Topps Stickers set.
  • The Montefusco is supposed to be a short print, but I got it for 50 cents.
  • It looks like the "N" on Ferguson's jersey is backwards. Is it really backwards or is it just the way the jersey is folding in this picture?
  • By the way, the Montefusco sticker was on my "Top 9" list on the right side. One card knocked off the list! :)

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