Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Father's Day Contest Prize from Number 5 Type Collection

  • Here is a picture of the goodies I won from the Number 5 Type Collection blog
  • Gotta love the old cards. I'm especially excited about the Phoenix Giants cards since I went to a lot of their games when I was young
  • People who entered the contest had to make a comment about what his/her favorite team was and what his/her father's favorite team was. My comment is below:
  • My father's favorite team is the Giants. After a bit of an odyssey on my part, my favorite team ended up being the Giants as well.

    I think my dad rooted/roots for the Giants because they have trained here in Arizona. Their AAA team was the Phoenix Giants for many years.

    I started out as a Reds fan. This was the era of the Big Red Machine. I got mad at the Reds for trading Tony Perez and letting Pete Rose go. I switched to the Phillies when Rose went there. The Giants were always my secondary team because of going to so many Phoenix Giants games.

    After Pete retired I ended up rooting for the Giants full time. This was the Roger Craig "humm-baby" era. This continued until the Barry Bonds era. I pulled for the Giants for his first few years, but when Arizona got the Diamondbacks I started rooting for them. This was mainly because it was getting much tougher to root for Bonds (grouchiness, roids).

    After Bonds left I went back to the Giants and have been there ever since.
  • Thanks for the cards!!!!!

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Matthew Glidden said...

Glad the Giants arrived safely! Those Phoenix cards were definitely waiting for their new home in your collection.