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Monday, March 29, 2010

2010s Want List

Updated 2/18/11

2010 Topps
4 Pablo Sandoval - Batting Leaders
9 Tim Lincecum - Cy Young Award
28 Jonathan Sanchez
80 Tim Lincecum
80B Christy Mathewson (SP)
105 Madison Bumgarner
133 Freddy Sanchez
202 Franchise History
220 Randy Johnson
239 Juan Uribe
CYMTO7 Orlando Cepeda
CYMTO14 Juan Marichal
CYMTO16 Willie McCovey
CYMTO57 Tim Lincecum
BB4  Tim Lincecum
BB15 Mel Ott
TR22 Tim Lincecum
TR31 Mel Ott
TR48 Willie McCovey
TR50 Pablo Sandoval
PP2 Tim Lincecum
PP10 Christy Mathewson
PP11 Mel Ott
PP1 Willie McCovey/Ryan Howard (past/present)
PP24 Bob Gibson/Tim Lincecum (past/present)
HG17 Dodgers and Giants Move to California

2010 Topps Heritage - GIANTS

64 Mark DeRosa
72 Matt Cain
114 Buster Posey RC
167 San Francisco Giants Team Card
429 Tim Lincecum SP
446 Freddy Sanchez SP
496 Tim Lincecum AS SP

2011 Topps

22 Barry Zito
58 Edgar Renteria
107 Aubrey Huff
188 Pablo Sandoval
210 Brian Wilson
292 Darren Ford
TT-40 Buster Posey
60YOT-11 Gaylord Perry 1962
T60-48 Buster Posey


Anthony K. said...

I can help you out with some of your 2010 Topps needs.

email me your addy and I can get them out in a day or two (


I have 2010 Topps Heritage #'s 55,150,220 and 269. I will drop them in the mail this week! How did a town in Arizona get a name like Snowflake anyway??

Matt Runyon said...

The town of Snowflake was named after a Mormon apostle (last name of Snow) and the leader of the group that first settled the area (last name of Flake). Kind of intersting.

Anthony and Baseball Dad -- Thanks for the cards -- please let me know what kind of stuff you're looking for and I'll see what I can come up with. :)