Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Friday, June 26, 2009

Crazy Crab

Do you remember this thing? It was introduced as an "anti-mascot" in 1984. Crazy Crab lasted only one season. It was the subject of much derision and abuse from players and fans alike. Here is a little article about it on the Giants website.
Here's one of the commercials from 1984:

I guess the Giants gave away some bobbleheads (or bobblecarapaces in this case) last year:

Here is Crazy Crab making its "triumphant" return in 2008:


Captain Canuck said...

What. The. Hell. Is. That?

Matt Runyon said...

The Giants really had nothing going for them in the mid-80s. I guess they needed to come up with something that people would talk about. Someone should do an interview with whoever was in that costume and post it online.