Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Friday, September 4, 2009

1974 Topps Giants -- Part 1

  • I really like these team checklists. Topps should have done this more often.

    The Giants finished 72-90 in 1974 (5th place in NL West, 30 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • Team Batting: .254 (8th in NL)
  • Team Home Runs: 93 (10th in NL)
  • Team ERA: 3.80 (9th in NL)
  • Team Fielding: .972 (11th in NL)
  • Gold Glove Winners: Bobby Bonds (OF)
  • All-Stars: Chris Speier (SS)
  • Attendance: 519,987 (12th in NL)

  • My favorite team cards are the ones that have the team records and pennant winners on the back. These cards give a sense of the history of the ballclub. Unfortunately, the Giants have only been to one World Series since this card was printed. :(

  • Charlie Fox managed the Giants from the middle of the 1970 season until the middle of the 1974 season. The Giants won the NL West under Fox in 1971. He was replaced by Wes Westrum after 76 games. The Giants were 34-42 at the time of the change. Westrum finished the season and was 38-48.
  • On this card Don McMahon is shown as a coach. He must have been a player-coach. He pitched in nine games (11.2 innings with a 3.09 ERA) as a 44-year-old reliever and was the oldest player in the National League in 1974.

  • Dave Rader was the Giants' starting catcher and led the team with a .291 batting average in 113 games.

  • Mike Sadek didn't play for the Giants in 1974. He spent the season in AAA Phoenix, where he batted .251 in 371 games.
Others who played catcher for the Giants in 1974 but didn't get a Topps Giants' card:

  • Ken Rudolph (.259 in 158 at-bats)
  • John Boccabella (.138 in 80 at-bats)

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