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Sunday, September 20, 2009

1988 Topps Giants -- Part 2

Kevin Mitchell played third base and batted .251 with 19 home runs and 80 RBI in 1988. He really came into his own as an offensive force the following year.

Robby Thompson batted .264 in 138 games.

Matt Williams batted .205 with eight home runs in 156 at bats. He had a two-week stint with the Giants in June and was brought up to stay in mid-August. Matt spent the remainder of the season with AAA Phoenix.

Will Clark batted .282 with 29 homers and 109 RBI and scored 102 runs.

Chris Speier batted .261 in 171 at bats as a backup infielder.

ooo-ribe! ooo-ribe!

Jose Uribe was the starting shortstop and batted .252 in 141 games.

Harry Spilman batted .175 in 40 at bats for the Giants in 1988. He was released on August 11 and was signed by the Houston Astros to finish the season.

How many different ways was his name spelled on baseball cards?

Ernest Riles batted .294 in 187 at bats as a backup infielder.

Others who played infield for the Giants but didn't get a 1988 Topps Giants card:

  • Francisco Melendez (.192 in 26 at bats)

  • Phil Garner (.154 in 13 at bats)

  • Charlie Hayes (.091 in 11 at bats)

  • Tony Perezchica (.125 in 8 at bats)

  • Angel Escobar (.333 in 3 at bats)

  • Mark Wasinger (0 for 2)

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