Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Card Tribute: Chris Speier

1972 Topps #165
1972 Topps #166

1973 Topps #345

1973 Topps #273

1974 Topps #129

1975 Topps #505

1976 Topps #630
1977 Topps #515

1987 Topps #115T

1988 Topps #329
1989 Topps #94

1990 Topps # 753
  • The winner of the "Best Gary Lavelle Card" poll was 1975 Topps. Those multi-player rookie cards drove me nuts. I never knew which team to put them with. Finally I made a "micellaneous" category where I put the leader cards, rookie cards, etc.
  • Don't forget to vote on the "Best Topps Chris Speier Card" poll on the right. :)


Captain Canuck said...

whenever I think of Chris Speir, I think of him in an Expos uni... he was their SS while I was growing up watching Les Expos on CBC.

Jim said...

I went with 1974. It came down to McCarver cameo in 1973 vs. Boone cameo in 1974. Boone won easily.

night owl said...

Speier had one heck of a streak between 1973-75. I love all three of those cards. But '74 is the best.