Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Saturday, July 4, 2009

1975 Topps Giants Part 1

  • The Giants had an 80-81 record in 1975 and finished in 3rd place in the NL West (27.5 games behind the dominant Big Red Machine).
  • Team Batting: .259 (5th in NL out of 12 teams)
  • Team HR: 84 (9th in NL out of 12 teams)
  • Team ERA: 3.74 (8th in NL out of 12 teams)
  • Team Fielding: .976 (4th in NL out of 12 teams)
  • Attendance: 522,919 (12th in NL out of 12 teams)
  • Awards: John Montefusco (Rookie of the Year), Garry Maddox (Gold Glove), Bobby Murcer (All Star)

Wes Westrum (#216) took over for Charlie Fox in the middle of the 1974 season and had a 38-48 record. He managed the Giants through the whole 1975 season (80-81 record). I don't know whether he was fired or quit. As a favor to Hank Aaron, Wes served as pitching coach for Richmond (managed by Tommie Aaron). He then was an advance scout for the Braves for the next 17 years. An interesting 2001 Baseball Digest article is here.

John Boccabella (#553) did not play for the Giants in 1975. He played his final game on September 19, 1974.

Dave Rader (#31) caught in 94 games in 1975 and batted .291 with 5 home runs.

Other players who did not get 1975 Giants cards but played catcher for the Giants:

  • Marc Hill batted .214 in 182 at bats. He was acquired by the Giants from the St. Louis Cardinals in October 1974 but didn't get a card (he had only batted 28 times in the previous two seasons).
  • Mike Sadek batted .236 in 106 at bats. He spent the first two months of the season in AAA Phoenix. He was a fixture in Phoenix for several years (1970-1972, 1974-1975).
  • Gary Alexander played 2 games late in the season and was 0 for 3.

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