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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1984 Topps Giants - Part 3

Champ Summers didn't play for the Giants in 1984. He was traded to the San Diego Padres for Joe Pittman after the 1983 season.

Jeffrey Leonard led the Giants in home runs with 21 (tied with Chili Davis), led in RBI with 86, and batted .302 in 136 games.

Jack Clark played in only 57 games in 1984. He didn't play after June 22. He batted .320 with 11 home runs in 203 at bats.

Chili Davis batted .315 and tied Jeffrey Leonard for the team lead in home runs with 21.

Max Venable didn't play for the Giants in 1984. He was traded with Fred Breining and Andy McGaffigan to the Montreal Expos for Al Oliver before the 1984 season.
Others who played OF for the Giants in 1984 but didn't get a regular Topps 1984 Giants card:
  • Dan Gladden batted .351 with 31 stolen bases in 86 games. He finished 4th in NL Rookie of the Year voting. It was a very strong list of rookies: Dwight Gooden, Juan Samuel, and Orel Hershiser all finished ahead of Gladden, with Ron Darling and Terry Pendleton finishing behind him.
  • Dusty Baker batted .292 in 243 at bats but hit only three home runs.
  • Gene Richards batted .252 in 135 at bats.
  • Alejandro Sanchez batted .195 in 41 at bats as a September call-up. He batted .318 for AAA Phoenix.
  • Rob Deer batted .167 with three home runs in 24 at bats.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for recognizing "Dan the Man". That performance in summer of 84 turned me into a Giants fan, after living the previous 4 years in LA and listening to Jerry Doggett butcher the english language but Vinnie save him with his eloquence every night. - Jimbo