Giants Cards of the Mid 1970s

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Giant Tournament Round 3 - 1955 Giants vs. 2009 Giants Game 3

Top of 1st: Randy Winn singled and Pablo Sandoval singled him to third. Benji Molina singled to score Winn and Sandoval scored on a throwing error by LF Whitey Lockman. 1955 0, 2009 2.

Top of 3rd: Freddy Sanchez singled and Sandoval hit a 2-run home run. 1955 0, 2009 4

Top of 4th: Reliever Paul Geil entered the game and walked Travis Ishikawa and Aaron Rowand. After Juan Uribe flied out and Matt Cain bunted the runners to 2nd and 3rd Randy Winn singled to score both runners. 1955 0, 2009 6.

Bottom of 6th: Alvin Dark singled. With two out Hank Thompson homered to right. 1955 2, 2009 6.

Top of 7th: Winn singled. Sanchez flied out then Sandoval tripled to deep right center. 1955 2, 2009 7.

Bottom of 9th: Gail Harris singled. After two outs were made Ray Katt homered to left. Pinch hitter Bobby  Hofman flied out to end the game. 1955 4, 2009 7.

Matt Cain pitched a complete game and earned the win. Sal Maglie took the loss. The 1955 club has a commanding 3 games to 0 lead.

Trivia question (from the game): Who is the only Hall of Famer to homer before his 20th birthday and after his 40th birthday?

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