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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Giant Tournament Round 3 - 1955 Giants vs. 2009 Giants Game 6

  • Top of 1st: Alvin Dark singled and scored on Hank Thompson's double. 1955 1, 2009 0.
  • Bottom of 1st: Randy Winn doubled, moved to third on a passed ball, and scored on a sacrifice fly by Pablo Sandoval. 1955 1, 2009 1
  • Bottom of 4th: Sandoval led off with a home run to right. Benji Molina singled and scored on a triple by Fred Lewis. Travis Ishikawa hit a sacrifice fly. 1955 1, 2009 4.
  • Bottom of 6th: Lewis walked, Ishikawa singled. Both runners scored on a double by Aaron Rowand. Rowand moved to third on the throw home. Rowand then scored on a ground out by Tim Lincecum. 1955 1, 2009 7.
  • Bottom of 7th:  Molina hit a solo homer with two out. 1955 1, 2009 8.
  • Tim Lincecum allowed five hits and struck out eight as he pitched a complete game victory. Ruben Gomez took the loss as he allowed seven runs in five innings. The 2009 Giants advance to the final round to meet the 1967 Giants.

2009 Batting Stats after Round 3
2009 Giants Pitching Stats after Round 3

1955 Giants Batting Stats after Round 3

1955 Giants Pitching Stats after Round 3


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